Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ebay and new idea

Ok, I put some of my paintings on ebay. I was trying to change the name from trippenlatin to adrisart but I have to wait 30 days so I decided to sale anyway under my old name.

Yesterday here in Texas was sooo windy that I thought oh maybe I can paint a windy day.
I have this 20"x16" canvas and I draw on it. Now I am going to paint it. I will be posting the process.


annas dreams blog said...

Hi Adriana: Thanks for you comment on my blog, sure you can add me to your friend as well I will add your site. Your are is so Beautiful too, and another Texan in the group Yeeeehaaaaa!. Here is sooo windy too, Thank God I dont use skirts ha ha. Well have a great day. Lillian

sUz said...

hi adRi!

Love her already! Her hair blowing reminds me of the sun - will she be a redhead by chance?

iN jOy,