Saturday, April 05, 2008

I am moving today!

Ok. today is the moving day. I am sitting down on the floor with my husband laptop, waiting for the movers to come.
I am excited but also kind of nervous, I hope all goes well.
I don't know when I am going to have internet in my new house, I hope soon :)
Well, I gotta go now. Thank you for visiting my blog I will be back.


michelle said...

Good luck! Hope you settle soon!

annas dreams blog said...

Good Luck Adri!!, and I wish you the best on your new home. Lillian

Krissysart said...

yeah! Good luck with your move and try not to lose your head. I love my new house and would do it again in a heartbeat. STILL have no internet! AHHHHH!

Diane Duda said...

Hope all is going well.
Looking forward to your return. :)


Adriana Whitney said...

Thank you so much! I don't have internet yet. I am using my husband laptop (just like you Krissy)we made it!! I can't believe it.

Lina said...

Good luck with the move!!! Hope all goes smoothly and you are settled in very soon.

Leila said...

Hello there! Hope you all be ok! I began to miss ya...but you know where our strenght come from. God Bless you my friend...say hello to your girls.