Thursday, May 15, 2008

Angel series

I had 2 hard days. All my daughters got sick. I feel so sad when I see them sick, with fever and cranky. I try my best to make them feel good.
Now they are good, it just lasted a couple of days :)
I painted this angels holding my little Abby. Even though she was feeling bad we had a good time together.
I put some glitter on their wings. It is the first time I work with glitter and cracking effect and I love it! the effect cannot be show on a picture, but it is very nice.
This are a little longer, the measure 4"x6"

Now they are for sale on ebay.
My husband asked me to make some without the antique effect and use some beeswax. I have everything to do it so lets see how they turn out :D
Thank you so much for ALL your nice comments and emails, I couldn't answer all yet because I was caring for my little ones but I will.
Johanna, I received your thank you note, you made my day!


Amy Short said...

Those are darling! Boy do I know how it feels to feel bad for the sick kids! Hope your little angels feel better soon.

PS. Love your new banner!

*~Niki~* said...

Hi Adri
I am so glad to hear your girls are better now.
Your new paintings are beautiful, I love the way you paint their faces.

Krissysart said...

Adri, these angels are so lovely. LOVE the glitter and crackle. I'm addicted to glitter. It makes everything look so magical!

Julÿ said...

Hola, tiempo que no paseaba por aqui, y he visto las cosas lindas que has hecho, las muñecas,el video,estos angelitos!, realmente precioso, la angelita de pelo oscuro tiene una expresion preciosa!!!


Jennifer DeDonato said...

Your art is so amazing. I really like the letter print. I live in Houston also...YAY for Texas.


lunara said...

wow.. THey are so beautiful.., pero sabes, el de cabello negro me impactó.. tiene una energía preciosiiiisima.. love it..
Gracias Adrianita por compartir y hacer cosas tan lindas.. ♥♥♥