Friday, June 13, 2008

ATC and a little project

I am so happy, my daughter Ashley finished her school and she did great! She worked so hard!
This week I didn't do much. I was busy with school and I have a couple of headaches too :P
I have these white baby tights that my girl never used (I figured if they are uncomfortable for me it must be for her too, right?) so I remembered this little dolls that I learn to make using tights, ages ago in a show called "Utilisima" ("Very useful" in English?) in Argentina and I made some. I was going to sell them as brooches on Etsy but my girls REALLY liked them so I gave them to them.
One is missing (brown hair and blue dress) I think Grace is sleeping with her.
I finish my ATC swap and I am going to mail it on Monday (no Saturday mail here :() this one is for Krissy, mine is on it's way so I am very excited.
If somebody wants to trade cards just email me.
This one is called Create, I thought Krissy would enjoy something like this.Now I am going to paint, or draw... I don't know maybe I will create something this week after all.

Good night :)


Krissysart said...

Ahhhhh!!! I LOVE IT! Can't wait to get her. She is so wonderful. And those little have to make some for etsy. I would buy a couple in a heartbeat. They are to die for!!
Yippee....a treat coming in the mail for me!

Dana Jones said...

My Aunt used to make puppets from old stockings. The faces are quite easy to sculpt into 3-D forms by taking in stitches after stuffing the heads and pulling the threads tightly.

Your dolls are very cute. I can see why your girls wanted to keep and play with them.

Adriana Whitney said...

Yes I did a little sculping too, I am not very good at it. I have a blogger friend that makes dolls from stockings too, he name is Annika and she is on my blog roll, she is very good.

C@rl@ said...

Hola, soy Carla de Argentina y realmente no entiendo demasiado el inglés, me gustaria que por favor publiques algo en español asi puedo entenderte mejor, tus pinturas son hermosas! y siempre visito tu blog para estar actualizada. SIGUE ASI!. BESOS.

Annika said...

Your dolls are so adorable! I really see why your daughters wanted to keep them. You really should make more and sell on Etsy, I'm sure they would find new homes right away!

The trade card you made for Krissy is just as adorable!