Thursday, June 26, 2008

Krissy, blocks of Art and Frida

I am so excited! I received this ACEOs from Krissy. They are so beautiful! they are on my fridge.

I also added Tascha to my collection, she sent me some stickers and I put a magnet on the back.

I am working on wood now. I have this little blocks of wood and I decided to paint them all and add beeswax and other things. I didn't finish yet because I want to apply the beeswax to the blocks at the same time and I want also to make a video of the process.
Remember my last Frida? well, I have a little oops with the winner of the auction, not drama here just nothing at all... I hope she is doing good. Frida now is SOLD


mystele said...

oh, adri, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the new wood paintings....i cannot wait to see them completed. would you please email me and let me know how much they are/will be? i really like the first little girl! also, you've inspired me to use my blocks of wood, too. my husband cut some lumber for me to use as hangers for finished paintings, but i changed my mind. so i have a stack of wood sitting around that needs to be put to use. thanks!

Vickie said...

I like the new projects and your nice collection.

Anonymous said...

I really love your art work.
Your blog is so nice!!!
(zemphira on etsy)

Jenn said...

Hi Adri!! Your fridge looks so cute with your wonderful magnet collection!! I LOVE your wood block paintings so much:) And of course LOVE your goodies from sweet Krissy!! Happy weekend to you!! xox...jenn

purplecat said...

The fridge magnets are so cool, love your work!

Lina said...

I love the new paintings!! I am also starting to use wood, its a great surface for painting.

Krissysart said...

Ah, shucks. You just made my day. I was just dropping by to say hi and saw your sweet post. Thanks a million, my friend. I'm honored to be on your fridge next to your stupendous artwork!
Happy 4th to ya!!