Sunday, October 19, 2008

Art festival and a new painting

Thank you so much for the sweet comments about my daughters drawings!! she is so encourage by y'all. She read them all and was so excited!

Yesterday we went to the "Bayou City Art Festival" downtown Houston and it was awesome.

There were many great artist but I was specially impress with 4 of them that I will share with you later. I think each one deserves a blog entry, they let me take pictures so I will post them.

After I came I needed to paint, so I made this 8x10 acrylic painting on canvas board. It has a crackle finish. I will be auctioning it tomorrow on ebay. ***update NOW on ebay***
I also want to thank Luluanne for including me on her treasury on Etsy, Thank you!
Bottom right "Frida Holding a Bird"


Anonymous said...

I love her face. How different she is.How do you get ideas?I mean what gives you an idea first of to create her face like that? Amazing.I wish you much luck.have a lovely day!,Becky~~

El Bolsillo de Celia said...

pio pio
preciosa ilustraciĆ³n como siempre, tu hija debe ser un solete y de los grandes n_n

Diane Duda said...

I just love that little bird. And I'm looking forward to hearing about the artist's you met.
happy monday, adri!

mystele said...

she's lovely! very serene yet whimsical!

April said...

I LOVE your newest painting! It is so sweet.

Sarah said...

What a sweet, wee birdie. In my favorite color, too! How do you manage to create these so quickly????

Dada's place said...

Beautiful painting! The girl is so sweet! I like the blue bird! And those little flowers... Wonderful!

mirna said...


Kimberly said...

So peaceful!


Dawn Maureen said...

Oh we were supposed to go there that weekend and ended up going to the air show instead ! Next time you go to the art festival let me know. Maybe I could meet you there ! I LOVE the Bayou City Art Festival. Your work should be there for sure. I eventually want to get a booth there with my husbands photography next door.