Thursday, November 13, 2008

Artist Signe Grushovenko

I went to the "Bayou Art Festival" and I found so many great artist but this artist really impressed me. Her name is Signe Grushovenko, she was so kind and let me take pictures of her and her art. I wanted to share this with you, art lovers. I know you will love her too.

This is her booth

You can find more of her work on HERE and the Upcoming & Ongoing Exhibitions.


MichellesCharmWorld said...


Annabelle said...

Hi Adri,

I thought I would drop by and say thank you for the crackle video you have posted on Youtube and all of the art you shared.
My grandfather was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina as well but my family originates from Italy.
I have placed your blog addy on my site. I adore art, music, film and literature and basically that is what it mainly focuses on, nice to have found you.
Hugs Annabelle

Heather said...

wow, her art is amazing! thanks for sharing :)

Diane Duda said...

it's beautiful. so unique!
thanks for sharing.


Flor Larios Art said...

Wow! Super coll! thank you for sharing.