Monday, January 05, 2009

awesome present and my pain came back

I can't believe Christmas season is gone... it went by so fast! today I put down all the lights from outside and it was kind of sad. I love Christmas!
I had such a great Christmas/birthday. I got so many presents! including a tent for my art fairs, an ipod, big tv, etc... but I got an unexpected one, and it was from Tascha!!! my mother in law got me the painting and Tascha sent me the stuffed doll. I was squealing of happiness. Thank you sooooo much Tascha (I know everybody knows who she is but HERE is her blog) The only thing that kind of made my holidays bad was the pain in my arm (it came back) and I went to 2 different doctors. The first one gave me a lot of pain medicine that make me sick, the second one adjusted me, and now I am feeling much better. I couldn't paint because of the pain. I don't know if my paint came back after working in so many paintings before the holidays or just because I gained back some weight (?)
One of my new year's resolution is to become more healthy. One of my presents was a one year subscription to a gym and a Nutrisystem plan, lets see how this work.
I was thinking about doing a video journal and making a new Youtube account to share my progress with this program. I think that will make me more accountable (is that the right word?)
Well, I will think about it.
I am going to have a giveaway on my next post. I am not sure what I should give
1- a set of ACEOs
2-a pendant
Let me know what you like better.


afiori said...

Get well soon!!!
Video would be lovely! *blows kisses from snowy Sweden*

Esteemarlu said...

Adriana glad you're feeling better. I can relate to pain I have bad sciatica and when the weather is bad so is the pain it ruins my whole day. All that helps me are heat pads. Love the painting you got from your MIL. The doll is too cute.

Victorian Lady said...

Lucky duck! Your presents sound great! Nutrisystem has been the only diet that worked for me...I got 9 pounds away from my goal weight and they changed my consultant and she was very cold. I decided to finish it myself and didn't stick with it. If you stick with it though, you will lose! Hugs to you Adri! :) I wish you all the best this year and every one after that! :)


P.S. To answer your question, they are all great options, but my first choice would be the pendant.

Heather said...

sorry to hear your pain returned. Mine did too, funny enough. perhaps its the weather? I've been going to the chiropractor. Ive found in the past that exercise (even just a walk) helps ease the pain. Perhaps thats something to try?

purplecat said...

What a great gift you got!
Hope your arm improves and quickly!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful gifts.
Your arm pain sounds like nerves. May be to do with your posture? trap nerve? Back.
If your arm does get unbearable to live with. I am on amtryptyline. Helps with nerve pain.
May not be this? I thought it was worth sharing just incase?
Hope you have a pain free future.

Amy Short said...

Oh I hope your arm feels better soon. I know the pain this year too as I pulled out my back! I have given up on resolutions though because I always seem to break them. ;o(

Keep us posted on everything and I hope you are all happy and healthy. Nice presents btw! Banner Christmas!!


Ann's ART said...

I think you should giveaway a print. I hope your pain is better. I would be thrilled too if Tascha gave me an unexpected gift. I love her work too.

Ann's ART said...

Ahhh! No, I change my mind. My vote is a pendant!

michelle said...

Your poor arm! What great presents! I tried stating my goals on my blog last year, but apparently I have no shame and it didn't stop me from cheating. Maybe we should form some kind of group, like an online book club but not as fun! I think all the prizes would be fabulous!

Ronnie said...

Man I can relate with the arm thing. I had that and it is no fun. Tylenol and a bit of PT. Take care.
Glad I found you this morning via Vicki. Great art! Great Christmas gifts! Love how the Tascha is framed. I vote Pendant or print for your giveaway!
Ronnie-in a small town in Georgia

Jen's Artful Day! said...

Hi! Adri,
It's been awhile I am now here on Guam my husband is stationed here now my blog name has been updated just recently to (Jen's Artful Day)

I hope your arm does not pain any more and cheers to your new years resolution I see your artwork on etsy it is beautiful Ohh! and the pendants are lovely.

Hurray! for receiving wonderful and adorable gifts from Tascha
Jennifer Andrade
Jen's Artful Day

shellscapes said...

So sorry about your pain -that is my biggest fear is not being able to work with my hands. As far as your giveaway I LOVE your pendants.

Krissysart said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. So sorry about the pain in your arm. What an aggrivation. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adri, you have been tagged. Please visit my blog for details. Hope you enjoy what I have written also. All the best!

Free spirit said...

Beautiful work!! Very inspiring!

Tammy said...

I hope you are feeling better. Best Wishes.

purplecat said...

Drop by my blog when you have time, I nominated you for an award!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

Invite into your HEART only those energies that resonate with the desire to obey your ultimate calling to INSPIRATION~

Sarah said...

Feel better soon, Adri. Happy New Year!

Annika said...

Hi Adri!
What lovely presents you got! Sorry to hear about the returning pain... hope you will keep on feeling better!
Don't think I've heard about the Nutrisystem plan before so if you decide on making videos about it I would like to know more. =)
As for the giveaway... either of them would be great but a pendant would be my choice I think!

Love all your new art and pendants!

Hope you and your family will have a nice weekend!

Flor Larios Art said...

Feliz Cumple!
Espero ya estes mejor y podas pintar pronto.
A mi me gustaria un grupo de tarjetas ACEO para tu rifa.
EL cuadro de Tascha esta precioso.
Bueno volvere pronto...

Mi said...

That is adorable...greattt