Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little by little

I am not finishing paintings very fast, because I am being very careful with the pain I have in my shoulder and wrist but I try to paint everyday, at least 20 minutes and finished this Frida.
The canvas is 6"x12 and my inspiration was a picture of her in the same position taken on October 16, for that reason I named her "Frida in October"I am also working on a cheater quilt designed by "Cart Before the Horse" and it is a different technique of antiquing, very interesting.
I bought the pattern on ebay. It is a lot of work! You have to stitch all the details, but I love it.
Last week I had a hard time, not so much with pain but with thoughts.
After a very intense playing time with my daughters at the park (climbing up and down the hills, the playground, playing airplane and chasing them) next day I couldn't walk, my legs were so sore!
Somebody told me that at certain age (I am 37) your body start aching more after activities. I don't see myself old, sometimes I even feel like I am in my 20s but after that comment I started to feel old. Even when my sister asked me to send pictures of my new haircut I started focusing on the wrinkles under my eyes instead of my hair.What a waste of time! Worrying about things I cannot change! After a great conversation with my husband (he is sooo good giving advice!) Now I decided to focus on things I can change, like a good and healthy diet, exercises, building good relationships, enjoying my family and loving more.


Vickie said...

Dear Adri,
Your Frida is lovely. I do hope your pain will go away soon. 37 is not such a bad age. Try 51. I'm still surprized when my body rebels about what the 20 year old in my mind wants it to do.

gianlucio said...

Hello Adriana, I saw the movie, you're very good at drawing.

snippetgirl said...

Super lovely painting of Frida! You should just be SO happy that you have a creative and special talent.

abethebabedickson said...

Hi I stumbled across your blog from my sister-in-law's art blog (Ann's Art) and I was greeted by the most beautiful music! I love it (my art is playing the piano) and have never stumbled across a blog that has classical music. Thanks so much! And I also love, love, love your work.

Anonymous said...

Oh Adri, you are such a beautiful lady and I adore your spirit. Not good to have so much pain and be limited with your activities with your family. You are a wonderful creative artist and this inspires all of us.
I am so pleased you have a good husband who is supportive, a beautiful family.
Sending my love to you!

Anonymous said...

Frida is beautiful!

Charisse said...

Your painting is beautiful! I love the pink background and how you made her look so much younger, more innocent. As for the body aches, exercise does work but then you ache after the exercise! hahaha, just teasing you. Hey I'm 38 so I know. Make a new video soon!!! Please!!!

Jeannie said...

Luv Frida - so elegant!
I'm 47 and some days I feel every year that I feel I've earned of that. Hang in there, be thankful for such a wonderful husband, and try some vitamins!


Leslie said...

Dear Adri,
I love your art work and wish I was there to see it.
I would love to know the skin colors you use for your faces.
Thank you,

lunara said...

Hola Adrianita espero que mejores y uno se ve también como se siente, así que sientete feliz y juega con tus bellas hijas y verás que mejorarás más y más y eres muy guapa!, y esta Frida te quedó espectacular., me encanta. te mando abrazos sanadores y al Arcángel Rafael "Medico de Dios".

michelle said...

She is just wonderful! I hope you feel better so you can keep creating wonderful treasures!

Heather said...

she is beautiful! youre doing great. I've been having the same issue lately with the shoulder thing. But you just gotta keep taking care of yourself and know that no one is perfect, you just have to live life. that's what its for, right?

Annika said...

Your Frida is really lovely!
That really a sounds like a good decision! =)

annas dreams blog said...

Hola Adri: Te comprendo enormemente, creo que en cuanto llege a los 34 todos los huesos me dolieron (ahora tengo 36) y cualquier ejercicio o algo brusco que hago siento que me correteo un toro jaja. Tambien empeze a preocuparme por arrugas, pero creo que esas lineas fueron echar para recordarnos como hemos vivido nuestra vida, asi que lo mejor que podemos hacer es seguir viviendola muy muy feliz para tener unas bonitas lineas. El consejo de tu esposo fue muy acertado. Gracias por tus bonitas palabras de consuelo, de verdad las necesitaba. Un fuerte abrazo Lillian

Renee said...

Adri your painting is wonderful.

By the way 37 is not old at all. I wonder if maybe something else is going on with your health. You should not be that sore after playing with the kids.

No, I know I am not a doctor and I should shut it anytime, but one of my daughters was really sore at 23 and she was diagnosed with Lupus.

Just don't want you thinking it is you or maybe you have done something.

Hopefully, it is nothing but aches and pains.


Krissysart said...

Great post. This Friday I will be 35 and all last night I kept getting woken up by my aching ankles and shins. What a drag!
I love the new Frida. She is seriously classy!
Hang in there..

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Flor Larios Art said...

Your Frida is wonderful and elegant!
Take care,