Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Arts Market, a painting and changing store

I can finally blog, yay! I had a very busy weekend and it was hard to start the week.
The art fair was good but very hot, my goodness I got a tan and I wasn't exposed to the sun that much.

The arts market wasn't that populated, some people believed the swine flu was the reason. I can't complaint because I had good sales.

This is my booth. I made new friends and my blogger friend Jennifer Dedonato was there. My mother in law came to visit and also stayed with me for some time.

I wanted to show you one of the paintings. This is "Peasant Sisters" 11"x14" with crackle finish.
The same day the Arts Market was on, the art and antique store "The Homestretch" went out of business (I was selling my paintings there) Maura, the owner gave me this beautiful book as a present. I am going to be working on more Fridas, I am very inspired.
I am going to be in another store here in Houston, but as my paintings are not there yet, I will be putting some of my paintings on Etsy until I take them physically there.
Happy 5 de Mayo!


Jennifer DeDonato said...

You are the cutest thing ever! I love being at the Market with you and your booth looked wonderful! I am so lucky were friends...yay!

island sunshyne said...

Hi Adri! Your little art booth looks amazing - so much inventory! :) Looking forward to seeing your Frida's...I love seeing different renditions of such an amazing painter!


snippetgirl said...

So happy to hear that you had a good show! I know how much work those are...prepping, setting up, etc.
Adore the new painting too!

America Alcala said...

I absolutely love your art Adri!

Krissysart said...

Hey, Adri. So glad your sales were good. It's tough times for a lot of artists in these fairs, I hear. Your booth looks great! LOVE the new paintings. As usual, your style makes me smile!

Maria-Thérèse said...

Your booth looks so lovely!! I'm going to sell my art + books for the first time on Saturday at a local museum!