Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not much done

I didn't work to much these days. My husband was on a trip and it is so hard to take care of the kids and work.

I finish this doll. I made it in a different way that I made my Gritty Jane. I made my pattern, I try a different way to make the face and I use a different material for the skirt but it looks so similar to the other one!

Well, I guess it will take time to make it different.
I am also working in another painting and on my website, that I think will be up tomorrow (so many, many problems with it! so frustrating)

Something really good happen this week. I am going to be the feature artist of August "First Saturday Arts Market" and they put one of my paintings on the postcards.

Have a great week!


mystele said...

awesome, adri!!! that is so wonderful!

snippetgirl said...

What a wonderful honor!!! Congrats!!!

Heidi said...

That postcard is so cool! Way to go girl!

Diane Duda said...

love the doll, adri!
and the postcard...sweet!!!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

I think it looks wonderful...that is so much work! I noticed your postcard on Flickr and of course it looks great! BTW your playlist makes me happy!

Jo James said...

Great news!
And a lovely dolly!

Mechelle Harrison said...

The doll is so cute Adri!

susan said...

i love this new dollie. your work is very fine.