Wednesday, August 12, 2009

White Linen Night and another Frida

White Linen Night was great! I met great people, I had good sales and fun. We had A LOT of people coming to this event. It was very hard to find a place to park even though they have shuttles to drive people around.
There are others places that I was invited to show my work but I don't have enough paintings. Painting now would be only for some gifts I have to give and I think it is going to take the rest of the month to finish them.
Some members of my family are fans of my art too so they want me to paint for them when I ask what they want for a birthday present and even though they tell me to take my time there are in the back of my mind and I don't like to think I have a bunch of paintings to make.
This is one of the Fridas I painted for "White Linen Night" she is sold already. It is a 6"x12" acrylic on canvas with craquelure.

Today I have to take the paintings I have left to a store here in Houston. I will take some pictures and share the address when I deliver them.


Meral Erdo─čan said...

i like it :)

Ayala Art said...

So pretty!

Anonymous said...

She looks so cuddly and lovely!

Flor Larios Art said...

Esta muy bonita...que bueno que estes siempre pintando y que tu familia aprecie tu arte. Felicidades!

Jose Thomas said...

Good art!! Frida is a brilliant reference to the women artists!



Garima J-Bajaj said...
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Garima J-Bajaj said...

great paintings...i like ur work..