Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My New Sewing Corner and I met another blogger!

In my new house my studio is bigger so I made a sewing corner. Sewing is another passion of mine, I like all kind of crafts!
I had all that fabric in boxes underneath my desk and now I am finally be able to chose what I am going to use without digging in the boxes and making a mess.

Now changing the subject, I am amazed of how little the world is. I went to a women's retreat organized by my church at Round Top Texas. There I helped with the worship, playing my guitar and singing. The worship leader knows I am an artist so she sent me to her aunts folk art shop, her name is Sherry Green Peck and then I realized she is also a blogger and she knew Mystele too. It was so much fun!
I bet I will end up meeting more of you girls!
Here you can find Sherry's BLOG


Gloria said...

Hi Adri, hope all is okay. Wow, that looks very nice and everything in it's place. I hope to do that to in the near future. I don't sew much but I do have my sewing machine and material for when I do feel like sewing. I love the way you have everything in order and how fun that you met a blogger. Yes, I'm familiar with Mystele, although she's moved to a different blogsite, I do go there from time to time. Have a great day and have fun with your new sewing corner.

Say It In Color said...

AAIII! Que preciosa!!! You were so sweet to post this....and I am planning to talk about the experience at the retreat we were at and where we met....it WAS an exciting moment to meet you and have Mystele in common. We will keep in touch and I have so much I want to tell you....I LOVE your women paintings...I am especially drawn to the take offs on the famous painters....but like the way you did them much better.....beautiful!! And all your other art is wonderful....okay, I sew too....so we have a lot in common...except my sewing spot is a huge mess spilling over into the dining room! Oh...to be organized...!? Thank you for your post and link to my blog...may I list you as a favorite when I get my favorites list figured out?...the ones I have are really old....and need to change it!

Diane said...

Hi Adri, I'm so happy to have found your blog and am now following it!! I read about your experience with the art festival--I'm so sorry. I participate in art festivals also, and can so related to these weather incidents--as a matter of fact, I'm going next week to one--keeping my fingers crossed for good weather. Your art is lovely!!

cuarta said...

que lindo


Leticia said...

Nice area Adri -the peg board is such a great idea. Loving your recent art. Cheers.

joana soares said...

It`s lovely!

Cynthia Karina Gómez said...

Hola Adry !

paso a saludarte por tu casita virtual, vi el video de los colgantes de caritas, me encantaron.
hermoso 2011, saludos desde Baires.