Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to Work

Time flies! baby Eli is already 9 months old. He was a hand full and I had a hard time finding time to paint. Now he is older and he can entertain himself better so I prepare a little area in my art studio so he can play while I work.
I Finish my last commission and I decided to take a break from them.

I have a new passion for abstract art. The colors, lines and textures are very attractive to me. I finished a triptych that I am very pleased with. Using my favorite colors and some texture with acrylic modeling paste.

The vase in the background gave me some inspiration

You can see the texture the modeling paste gave to the painting.

Everybody asked me if I used wood (some people even touch the painting) but it's just regular stretched canvas.

I have been invited to some art shows and festivals and a really want to do it. My problem is that my husband went back to school and he can't help me anymore with the kids on Saturday. For those new to my blog, I have 4 kids and my 9 month old will not stay with anybody! he cries so much when I'm not with him that it's impossible for me to leave him with anybody.
I hope I can find a solution soon so I can do these festivals.


M. Estes Zywar said...

Yeahhh! Welcome back Adri!!
I have missed your postings!
(9 months old already!!!)

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Love your new work...miss you!


Adriana Whitney said...

Thanks girls!

val said...

Hi Adri, i love your work it inspires me. I have also two kids and the younger is 11 months and still crying when i am absent and also when i am painting!

Krissy said...

LOVE this. And glad you are back!

Krissy said...

LOVE this. And glad you are back!