Friday, August 10, 2012

Art Fair and lots of work done

Guessing why I was away for such a long time? well, my husband was studying, he wants to become a doctor and I want to help him to fulfill his dream. That means I took care of my 4 kids and helped him to get his studying done. He also had a full time job. 

This changed, he lost his job and now he is working at home and he finished some of his classes so he has time to help me out soooooo I can work!

I'm excited. I made many pieces that I will be showing you and also I was able to participate in an arts market called "White Linen Night" that became HUGE here in Houston.
This is my booth preparation. I used to have some pegboards walls but they were very unstable for me. 
I made this walls with $20 screen doors and galvanized wire mesh.

I made some jewelry and I use some old wooden boxes I found on garage sales and a silverware tray.

This is my booth. I put it together outside my house to make sure nothing bad happen. Some people stopped by and bought some art from me. That gave me encouragement and a sign that I will do good at the fair.


Jennifer DeDonato said...

You guys did a wonderful job.

Shannon said...

This looks awesome....can you tell me how you made the walls stable and kept them upright? thanks so much!


Adriana Whitney said...

Thanks Jen!
Shannon, I tied them together using plastic zip ties. I tie them in the corners and to the top of the tent.

Sarah said...

These look great. How did they do at the show? Are you still using them? I am looking to do Art Shows but need to figure something out for display panels.

Adriana Whitney said...

Hi Sarah, I did great. I also did some indoor shows and they worked great. I love them, this is the second year and I made three more panels and now I have all walls.

Val Manchuk said...

This is one of the best booth designs I have seen. Your screen door idea is very creative. I will be entering into my first art festival this summer, so this will realy come in handy! Thanks so much for this post.

Val @