Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I moved to Virginia

I finally moved to Virginia. It is so beautiful here! the weather is just lovely and I'm enjoying it so much.
Downtown Lynchburg
My new studio is very practical. It has a sink and plenty of room for all my supplies and machines.

I miss the art life of Houston because there was something to do every weekend. Some people thought I was crazy because I had an art festival, show or market every single weekend but I loved it.

Recently the magazine Sunshine Artist featured my booth and I was thinking how hard my husband and I worked to make my booth easy to transport, functional, customized and CHEAP.
My art booth feature in Sunshine Artist Magazine

I got asked over and over, where did you get your panels? where did you get your print rack and your desk? and the answer is, I made them. 
I notice my sales went up considerably every time I will add something new and better looking. 
I took pictures every time I made something so I will be sharing with my readers how I made them and how it worked.

Right now I have no plans on doing any shows or art festivals any time soon. My husband is starting med school in 8 days so he will be not going to be able to help me. 

I'm selling my art here www.etsy.com and in some galleries around Houston and Galveston, TX. I am also planing on applying in galleries here in Virginia. So far I am doing very well between the galleries and commissions.
Now that I'm not doing shows anymore I got more active on Twitter  Pinterest and Instagram so if you have an account and wants to follow me you can do it by clicking the links above.
I leave you with a picture of my  latest painting.
:Dapper Fox" 8"x10" Acrylic on stretched canvas.
Have a great week :D

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