Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Two wonderful artists game and award! Meredith and Mika
Thank you so much! (I am in the Oscar spirit so) I want to thank the visitors and the bloggers who give me comments, I read them and they make me very happy. I also want to thank my family that encourage me to paint and sometimes let me sit down here and post something.
And to every artist hidden behind a stay at home mom label, you can do it! (music starting to play) thank you thank you!
The rules of passing on this award are as follows:- post award in your own blog: [Post who gave it to you]- indicate its origin and a link to the site. " and let them know with a comment on their blogs. And the winners are....
My blogger friend April Harres is having her first giveaway, please visit her BLOG to sign in and have a chance to win a beautiful original painting!


Jen said...

Wow! Thank you so much! for this award I am really surprised! being a stay at home mommy this really brings encouragement as an artist I will always remember this.
Thank you again! Jen

annas dreams blog said...

Hi Adri: Thank You so much!, you are very sweet. Im sorry I havent reply sooner to your comments. Thank You so much again, and I really appreciated them.

sUz said...

hi adRi!

Thanks for the great award! I really appreciate it - you are so kind.

iN jOy