Friday, March 21, 2008

Best Friends

This is a commissioned work (my mother in law :)) it's her best friend birthday so she thought she will like one of my paintings as a present.

They had keep their friendship alive through time and distance. They are holding hands but are kind of far away from each other and that represents that even though they are in different states they can hold each other.

I continued the painting instead of painting the sides black and I crackled it and gave it an antique wash.

I am so happy that I have a family that supports and like my work! My mother in law, Melanie and my sister in law, Marcey, are awesome chearleaders! Thank you so much girls, I LOVE you so much.


michelle said...

She has to love it! It is just darling! As someone who has left all her friends and family this year I really love this piece!

annas dreams blog said...

A Very sweet and lovely piece!!!

Leanne said...

This is sooo sweet! The crackle effect is really lovely! The lady who recieves this will be so pleased! :)

lunara said...

Hi... hola Adriana, como estás?...., que lindo te quedó este cuadrito, Congra..
Espero que estés muy bien y feliz y contenta en tu nuevo hogar.. (si ya te mudaste.)..

Julÿ said...

Hola Adriana!
estas amigas inseparables son muy dulces..:)

Now,I have my 6 weird things...thanks for the tagged!....
a big hug!!


Adriana Whitney said...

Thank you so much girls!! she liked it so I am very happy. I didn't move yet, but I have only 1 week left here in Dallas. So tomorrow I am goign to start packing. Now I will visit y'all blogs to see what are y'all up to.

MiKa Art said...

Very sweet! Nice subtle colors!!

Krissysart said...

Lovely, lovely. Yes, so great to be supported. How grand.

lunara said...

Adrianita, en serio? no me vi.. jeje.. q buena noticia...!!, besitossss! ^_^

bLu eYd YoGi said...

lovely art & blog!
so glad i found you!