Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dolls and a little new painting.

Remember my dolls? I experimented with different types of hair and I decided to go with synthetic doll hair.
The face, well... the one on my older post I didn't like it to much and I change it. On one I painted the entire head and on the other one just the eyes, mouth and nose.

I also made a painting of the doll and I name it "She is a Doll" and it's on ebay now. I found this very deep edge canvas and I love it! it measures 4"x5"x1 1/2".

I went to this HUGE art store, only 2 miles away and I just couldn't believe my eyes, they have everything and the employees are so kind. So I will be going often he he.
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michelle said...

I just spent the afternoon messing with hair! I had no idea it was so hard! Your dolls look really great though!

Adriana Whitney said...

Thank you! i didn't attach the wig yet, I just pinned it. It is the first time that I make a doll with this kind of wig before I used yarn.
Your dolls are so beautiful!

Diane Duda said...

Awww! She IS a doll. :)


Victorian Lady said...

SOOO Cute! :) Great job Adri! :)

michelle said...

Thanks for the chicken soup! I hope this is only the 24 hour variety! And I am thinking of trying that sort of hair of these days, yours looks so good.

annas dreams blog said...

I love so much your little painting its so cute, and great colors. Great Job, and your dolls are adorable. xo Lillian

Dawn Maureen said...

That is so neat! My sister makes dollies like that.

Graciela said...

The dolls and the paintings are wonderful!
I love them and I use dolls frecuently in my artworks.