Saturday, April 26, 2008

New paintings and new video!

Hi everybody. I have been working at night and it has been very good. When everybody is sleeping I get my headphones and I sit down to paint.
In this new house my studio is away from my daughters and my bedroom so I don't bother anybody. I am so excited about that.
Here is a little girl that bought some flowers for her mom. I named this painting "For Mom" and I made a video of the process.
And this is a "Little boy" also for sale on ebay.


michelle said...

Love them and the video! I am going to go look for your antiquing glaze, it looks better than what I have been using on my dolls! Have a great weekend!

Victorian Lady said...

I love them Adri! :) Especially the girl...that's my Lillian! :) She gives me flowers that she picked, but since we live in Arizona, I get rocks, sticks, and leaves too! lol I did Art Masterpiece the other day, and this little boy gave me a bunch of tall desert grass! :) Gotta love kids! And the heart she's holding is what it's all about! The thought is always there with them! Okay, one last story...sorry this is long! My nephew was three when he gave my sister, for her birthday, a piece of shelf that he broke off in his room, wrapped in his wallpaper border! Had to be the cutest gift ever! :)
Glad you are able to paint till your hearts content and THANK YOU SO much for the video! I light up when there is a new one! :)
P.S. My nephew, that same one, now 11, says you're an awesome artist! I agree!

annas dreams blog said...

Wow, te quedo preciosa, realmente me encantaron los 3. xo Lillian

Shonna said...

Yay!!! I love when you make videos!!! They look wonderful! I love the little boy too. He looks like my son. I have tried to draw boys in the past because my son wants a painting of mine in his room, but they always look like girls. I need to keep practicing! I also love those cute canvases. Where do you get those?

Leila said...

Hi Adri, these last paintings are beautiful. I love it! Say hello to Eric and the girls.

Diane Duda said...

I am totally in love with pair!!!


Adriana Whitney said...

Thank you girls!
Shonna, I get the canvases at a huge art store here in Houston. Thay have also a website and they ship.
Leila, I miss you and the whole group! Eric and the girls say Hi too.

*~Niki~* said...

Hey Adri! I really loved watching your video, your paintings are adorable. Can't wait for your next video :)

Lorajean said...

I completely ADORE these new paintings!! :)

Mercedes De La Jara said...

Muuuyyyy lindas ilustraciones !! Me encantaron esos niƱos !!