Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jesus the Word

In an older post I showed 3 Jesus that I made for my husband for valentines day.
One morning he woke up and said, I have an idea for a painting about Jesus and he told me the simbolism of the picture. I saw it (in my mind)and I made them.
I think a week ago I had this image on my head of a Jesus with a robe made with pages of the Bible (I have to admit that it's not an original idea) and I thought "Jesus the word" I made the robe with pages af a small Bible (gedeon) and I used the book of John
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning."
Jesus is looking up and this represents that HE only does what His father does (John 5:19) He also has his hands open reaching down to help us.
The painting measures 10"x20" Now is on ebay (this one I give to the world to enjoy...if they want he he)


sUz said...

hi adRi!

I love how you captured serenity in the facial expressions. Nice work.

iN jOy,

lunara said...

Está precioso Adriana.. muy amoroso...

Krissysart said...

Oh, I love it! I so enjoy that little pendant I bought from you with Jesus on it and this one is just fab-o!

Adriana Whitney said...

Thank you girls! your comments give me lots of encouragement. I have a hard week, lots to do and little time.
God bless you!

annas dreams blog said...

Hermoso Adri, siempre he pensado que es muy dificil dibujar o pintar a Jesus, cada persona tiene una forma distinta de verlo, pero creo que tu has logrado eso con tus pinturas, realmente me encanta las expresiones que les das. Felicidades realmente esta extraordinario.

Leanne said...

Hi Adri! This is gorgeous!! Hope your week hasn't been too chaotic! :)

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

I discovered you on youtube and LOVE your videos and really really love your art! You have inspired me so much!!!

Psalm 46


Brandi said...

I love this!! i have been wanting to do some kind of Art with Jesus .. not sure what yet. I love the scripture for his clothes and the image all together!! Do you have prints of it??