Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I am doing my hair right now. I am tired of being a blond (fake kinda blond) I hope nobody knocks my door now because it always happens.
Every time I am:

1- doing my hair
2- taking a shower
3- decided to sleep a little more
4- waxing

Somebody knocks my door. But nobody comes when I finish cleaning the house and everything looks great.
My timer is bipping, time to rinse it, bye. oops! someone is knocking (ouch!)


michelle said...

That is the funnies post I have seen all day! Hysterical! Now you have to show the after results. And you are right, my phone usually rings in the middle and I can't just let the machine get it and then I have a gooey phone!

annas dreams blog said...

Adri esto es tan comico, me dio mucha risa la foto, pero tienes tanta razon, a mi me pasa igual y es terrible tener que salir con la cara roja y aun con crema para depilar jajaja.

Graciela said...

Muy gracioso y sugerente.
Me quedaron las ganas de ver cómo te quedó!
Me alegra que hayas pasado por mi blog y que de alguna manera te hayas reencontrado con tus recuerdos en Argentina.
En mi blog puedes acercarte a Buenos Aires cuando quieras!
Con afecto,