Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I won a giveaway

Jennifer DeDonato had a giveaway on her blog colorfly studio and I won! I love magnets and I started to collect them so this is SO COOL!
This is my fridge. I have Diane Duda, Leanne (la la la illustration) I put a magnet on the back of Danita's business card, myself and now colorflystudio (Diane is holding my to do list)

I also sent a picture to Krissy of my studio for her giveaway. I made a wooden banner. I like to look at it and I think "yeah, I am an artist" he he.


Mystele said...
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Mystele said...

adri, i'm so glad i "met" you! you have such a sweet, humble, unassuming air about you. i've asked some online artists questions, and haven't received any response. but there are others, like you, who help others learn, without being afraid that we are copying your work or are your competition. thank you so much for sharing your talent so willingly.

and, you ARE an artist,Lady, and i love that sign...i need to do that, too! i love magnets, too, but i don't have any art magnets. gotta work on that! have a super day, friend!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

So happy you are enjoying your magnet! I enjoyed having a giveaway and plan to do it again soon. I think your sign totally rocks. I have something kinda like it but your's is much better. Great space you have to work in.


*~Niki~* said...

I love your sign for your studio Adri it's fab!

Leanne said...

Hi Adri! Great to see your magnets all together (still so strange though to think that my little magnets are all the way in your house in America and are a part of your everyday life!!) I'm completely in love with your sign - SO perfect! I bought a few ready to paint hanging signs about two years ago and still haven't done anything with them, so you've inspired me to get a shift on and paint them!! I love your work so much and I agree with Mystele, I'm so glad you have a blog! :)

Krissysart said...

Adri, what a great idea putting magnets on cards. You could sell yours on your site. You know I'd buy them! And I may have to commission you for my own sign. Hmmm.....

Adriana Whitney said...

Thank you so much girls! I am so happy if I can help somebody. Mystele, I know how you feel and that's one of the reasons why I do what I do.
When y'all finish with your signs I want to see them :)
Krissy, my magnets are for sale on zazzle it is so easy to get and account there and the magnets look so clear and nice, you have to try it with your art and I will get some :)
Ok girls gotta go, my check list is waiting :p
Love you

Tammy said...

Adri, I love your work and studio. Congrats on winning the giveaway. I am going to go check out your stuff on zazzle.


Annika said...

Congrats on winning the givaway!
I also think magnet are really cool and your collection so far looks great. I also have been making some of my own magnets lately but with my small dolls instead of pictures. =)
I love your sign... it's simply wonderful and so is your studio!

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!


~dani~ said...

Congratulations on winning-how fun!! I love your studio space and the art sign you made.

C@rl@ said...

Hola, realmente tus trabajos son estupendos, tanto que me gustaria contar con una colección, como debo hacer para realizar un pedido via internet? Muchas gracias. Excelente trabajo.

C@rl@ said...

I love your studio! excelent yob.