Thursday, May 22, 2008

Black canvas

I found these black canvases and I wanted to try painting from black to light. It was so much fun! I loved it.

When I was young I used to go to a dance place in Argentina called "StarLight" and the logo was a moon with a profile of a man. I saw it several times in my life done by different artist, well this is my version of the moon.

The girl has a long neck, it was inspired by Modigliani’s painting "Beatrice Hastings in front of a door" I love that painting.
I have more black canvases... fun! (the girl and the moon is now on ebay)


Heather said...

She's beautiful! I'm partial to moons, I've collected them since I was little, so I love her! She's so pretty, love the long neck!

I am also the proud new owner of your singing angel! I had my husband bid on it with his ebay account ;) I cant wait to see her in real life! yay!~

RowanDevoe said...

I love your work! I found your work through Heather of Audrey Eclectic. Love your stylized portraits and love the moon! I love your studio too-amazing!

Diane Duda said...

So much good stuff since I was here last.
Love the new painting. I never tried a black canvas...maybe someday.
I'm also loving your little "learning to fly" girl.

(also glad to be of help holding up your to-do list)


Adriana Whitney said...

Heather, Thank you so much! when I saw your name I was so excited that you got it. I just came from the post office so I think you will get it soon.
Thank you too Rowandevoe :)
Diane,when I have to see my to do list I am not that cranky anymore, he he. Your art make things better.

lunara said...

Que lindura.. tu sabes.. amo las lunitas.. y tu arte.. uff maravilloso conjunto!!

annas dreams blog said...

Muy bonito, a poco no es maravilloso acordarse de cosas que tal vez la gente no le da importancia?. Saludos y Abrazos Lillian

3ster said...

Guau, me maravillaron las cosas que haces, Adri!

Repletas de dulzura :)

Annika said...

She is lovely and I really like the moon!
I have never tried to paint on a black canvas but seeing how it can look makes me wanna try it sometime! :)
Do you think it will work if I prime a store bought canvased with black gesso or is it better just to paint them black with acrylic?

Good luck painting on the other black canvases!

Adriana Whitney said...

Thank you so much girls! It's always a pleasure to share my paintings with y'all. I feel very encourage to keep working.
Annika, just paint the regular canvas with black acrylic. I found some black canvases at the art store but I later painted some with black acrylic and it was very similar.

Annika said...

Thanks Adri for letting me know.
Will have to try and paint on a black canvas soon. I have all the supplies for it... so I guess I'm out off excuses! ;)

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