Sunday, May 25, 2008

Party in the moon

OK, I paint another moon with another style, the story is the same.
Coming late, the girl has a party hat, she is a little tired and the moon is shinning (I put some glitter paint on the moon), just like in real life 18 years ago he he.

I just LOVE this deepedge canvases, the are so cute!
This painting doesn't have crackle or antiquing wash, I wanted to try something different.

I cannot capture the real color. In the picture the purple looks to blue but is not that blue.
Now I have this painting is on ebay.

I am receiving so many SWEET emails. I have to admit that sometimes I cry a little when I read them, they are so beautiful. I am happy to help, it brings joy to me.
I love art and I love people and if I can help, lead or encourage someone, with the little that I know, I feel so good.
I also wanted to share something with y'all. I became mono thematic, I am always talking about blogs and art. My husband it's so good with it, he can chat with me forever but the rest of the people mmmm I don't think so.
They want to talk about fashion, shopping, etc and I am dying to talk about art, supplies, ebay, blogs and youtube and when I do it they look confused or not into it. Does anybody has the same experience?


michelle said...

I know exactly what you mean, that is why I love blogging! It seems like these fun ladies really get me!

Laurys said...

Me apunto a una fiesta en la luna! Todo el día flotando por el espacio... Me gusta mucho tu blog, y lo delicadas que parecen tus obras.

Suzan Buckner said...

I know too what you are talking about! At least we all have each other on here!

Your paintings are so wonderful! I adore the Frida one!!


Krissysart said...

yes! I get a lot of blank stares or, 'oh, that's interesting'. It's a drag. Hey, does anyone have a good website to get cheap and unique supplies? Michaels is also becoming a drag!

Heather said...

I am just relieved that there are other 'artsy mamas' out there, doing collages in their spare nap time instead of, I dunno, shopping I guess ;)
I save my coupons for Michaels, not clothes ;)

staff a pura sangre said...

hola buen blog

Annika said...

Love this new painting of yours and even if you didn't capture the colours like they are in real life it's still a very beautiful painting to me. Great work!

I bought some deepedge canvases a few months back but haven't finished any paintings with them jet... maybe I should. ;)

I know all to well what you are talking about. I really don't have anyone to share my thoughts with on art or anything related to the internet and that really makes me sad. I long for talking with someone in my own language about everything and to exchange idea and inspiration. Sometimes it feels like I'm stuck in my way of thinking. So meeting people like you really brings joy into my life! Thank you!

Adriana Whitney said...

Muchas Gracias!
Thank you for your comments :D
Krissy, I could never find a little canvases at Michaels I always bought them online at Now that I moved and I have this incredible art store very close I buy them there. They have a website and they ship too I hope you like it.
L♥ve you girls, I am always happy when I see that I have comments! They are awesome.

Vickie said...

When my husband asks me to come see a document about his business, the first question I ask is, "Does it have pictures?" He jokes back and says, "Kind of. It has a graph." He gets excited about business stuff, but I prefer art. I really enjoy reading your art adventures. I just started a blog. Please come take a look at my art.

C@rl@ said...

Hola! visito diariamente tu blog Adris por que tus trabajos me sorprenden dia a dia, ya que pones muchisimo empeño, amor y dedicación y eso por supuesto se nota por que cada dia son mas lindos y sofisticados. Te felicito, sos la mejor!