Sunday, August 17, 2008

Commissions and pain

Sorry blog readers I didn't post in a while.
Wow I was so busy this last couple of weeks. In Art I was working in some commissioned work and I also painted a piece inspired in Sandro Botticelli that I didn't finish yet but it is almost done.
I spend all weekend in a conference and getting ready for home school.
My hand/arm is not so good. I am having pain again and it feels like carpal tunnel syndrome so I will have to go to the doctor (I hope is not)
I started having this pain just after I finished some dolls so I thought it was so much sewing after pain.
It is funny, I work on this dolls and I don’t sell them. Here they are in my studio looking at me. I just like to make them.
Now It looks like the paint is dry so I will put some crackle to my Sandro Botticelli inspired painting.
Good night :D

Commissioned work


purplecat said...

Gosh hope your arm gets better, can't have something interfering with your art!

mystele said...

adri, take care of yourself! the painting is fabulous as usual! said...

Hope your arm is feeling better, I'm laid up to (see blog) for the fun details.
God is good and I enjoy your work so much :)

Victorian Lady said...

Oh Adri! I hope you feel better! Does the pain stay long once you've stopped painting? My hand will go numb, but I've figured out that it is the way and length of time I am bending my arm. Beautiful painting! Her face is very soft! Have a great day, my friend! :)


Anonymous said...

I get that pain that pain too, Adri.
It comes and goes...sometimes in my hand/arm...sometimes in my neck.

I hope yours goes. :)

The painting is lovely!


Krissysart said...

Absolutely gorgeous. She is simply divine. Love the red and white polka dots!

*~Niki~* said...

Hey Adri
I hope your arm is feeling better. Your painting is beautiful as always.

Heather said...

I feel you *pain*. I have the same issue...and have since I was a teenager (all that coloring in kindergarten I guess, lol) At times it has been dibilitating, and carrying around a little one and all her things doesnt help.
What has helped me cope however is going to a chiropractor and also I've had massage therapy done. I know it always feel decadent, and that's why I am guilty of putting it all off until I am knots. But it is WELL worth it to your health, happiness, and your family. They want a happy, stress free mom. So take care of yourself...we've only got this one body, you know?
Other things that help:
a hand brace (you can even find these at craft stores!)
a cold ice pack on your upper back/shoulder.
Try it!~

Dada's place said...

Beautiful painting! So sweet! :)