Sunday, March 08, 2009

Big painting finished

I finished the big painting! 30"x40" custom painting based in the famous "American Gothic"
This is a close up of the painting.

This family has the most beautiful pets! I will not show the pictures because they are personal but now I really want a Westie!

Today my husband, my 3 girls and I went to see the Jonas Brothers concert at the Reliant stadium. I thought my girls were too Little (3, 5 and 9 years old) but they had such a great time!
Abby, my 3 year old daughter was dancing with all her might and my 5 year old didn't want to leave. My 9 year old was so excited that she kept hugging me every 10 minutes.

Grace smiling, Ashley holding her face and screaming and Abby on daddy's lap, just in case she freaks out with the screaming (after that it was all dancing for her) the picture is bad because it was dark and it was on my cell phone, but I wanted to share it anyway.


Vickie said...

Such a nice paintng. I'm glad your family had fun at the concert.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

YAY...nice to finish up custom work! We are going to the Livestock Show & Rodeo in a few weeks.

Charisse said...

wow, so adorable and exciting!

snippetgirl said...

That really is a BIG painting to have to tackle. I am sure it is even more amazing in person! What a lovely piece.

Amy said...

I love that painting. It is so interesting! And how fabulous for your girls to see the Jonas brothers. What an exciting time!! Hope you are well. :o) Amy

Adriana Whitney said...

Thank you so much girls.
It is different to paint a big piece, I use to paint murals some years ago and I don't miss it but this was fun.

bonnesinger said...

Very well done, Adriana...I know the owners were proud that they contracted you to do this painting.

suziart said...

I love love love your work!!!
Hugs, Suzi

Heather said...

wow! your painting is amazing! great job! and how sweet is that about your girls?? that will be a memory they treasure forever!~

Chrissie Grace said...

Love the painting.
I have 3 boys and 1 girl. I wonder what our first family concert will be?:)

MiKa Art said...

Hi Adri, wonderful painting! The doggies are so sweet.

Sorry about Photo tagging game. My understanding is like this;
1.Go to your Photo file of your computer.
2.Find 4th folder.
3.Find 4th picture in that folder.
4.Up load that photo to your blog and give some story to go with that photo.
5. Tag other people.
I may be wrong - but it is kind of fun to see other people's almost random pictures.
Have a nice day!

ag said...

oh I love your video about painting the picture

Sarah said...

Adri, you are now officially "the coolest mom ever." Your girls will remember the concert forever! What fun. I just love the American Gothic painting, it is sweet and perfect!

sUz said...

oh my gosh adRi! How much fun did you have?!! I LOVE the camera photo; it really captured the moment!
Congrats on finishing up such a huge piece - it looks great :)

iN jOy,

Suzie said...

Thanks for your comment Adri. I really appreciate it! You have a great new painting here. I live in the UK but I think you have given an excellent flavour of the family's lifestyle here. I really get a sense of it. Job well done! Thanks for sharing the photos of the concert. The one of your little one beaming really made me smile. I still haven't taken my two to a concert yet (7 and 11 on Sat!!). My older one likes music but not loud!! That's the whole point of a concert!!! xx

Flor Larios Art said...

Love the painting...the little animals especially the parrot.
Your daughter looks like she is really having fun!

Kaili said...

Congrats on finishing the painting, it looks so GOOD! You must be pleased, as Im sure your clients will be too. The concert sure looks fun! My hubs and I just saw Coldplay...awesome!

Krissysart said...

Oh, Adri. That painting is absolutely fantastic. What a fabulous job you did. And what a lucky person who will get it!

Anonymous said...

Hello there... Just came across your lovely blog! Your new painting is just wonderful.... Glad to hear that your girls had fun at the concert- that is just so cute! ;) Take Care

island sunshyne said...

Adri! BEAUTIFUL painting! I'll bet the recipients will be impressed!

What a cute little family day with the girls and the Jonas're such a cool mom. :)


Jo James said...

LOVE the painting! I adore Grant Wood, and someday want to do a painting based on American Gothic for Dylan and I. I have lots of images around here based on that painting, and even did some dolls of it once.
Kudos to you for doing such a grand commission peice (I hate doing special orders, they just stress me out). I'll bet the family you made it for loves it forever!

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