Monday, April 12, 2010

Art Festival Disaster

The morning started pretty good. I woke up early and very excited about the Art festival. Jennifer came early to pick me up and we saw a double rainbow in the sky. The weather wasn't hot nor cold. I thought it was going to be a perfect day.
As we were getting there, the rain started and it got worst when we were setting up the tent.
My tent is not water proof so it was raining inside too. The rain stopped and the wind begun. We were very scared because the tent walls kept shaking. We were doing our best to secure it but finally the whole thing came tumbling down.

This is what was left of my tent

Mitch Cohen, the organizer, offered to give us another tent. He is such a great person and we didn't want to upset him but after much deliberation we decided to leave the show. He was very nice about it.
Here is Jennifer as we are packing up our stuff.
After we finished packing we went to have lunch and then we saw the festival. I loved the art there, one of my favorites is this one. Her name is Gabriela Monterroso. She is not only very talented and does a great job with texture and color, she is also very sweet.
As we were leaving we notice the broken tent had a tag. Our artist neighbors wanted to raise some money to pay the fee for our booth. But I had good news for you guys, as the tent was going down I made a couple of sales and I got the money booth fee back and enough money to get me another tent, this time I am going to get a better one. (we were there for just 2 hours)


priti.lisa said...

I am so sorry!
At least you made the best of it :)
Chin up!
The wind art photo made me LOLOL!

Mechelle said...

So sorry that happened Adri.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

That was a very interesting day! I am SO glad we were together!!!!

Lydia said...

I had a similar experience, somewhat, when I did a show where my brand new shelves($100- about 15 years ago, young Mom...) blew down and broke into pieces before my eyes.

Then, at Wine in the Woods, we had a torrential downpour, and they told us all to leave our art work and booths. Ha! I sent my family off to the car with some things, and I stayed to gather my one -of-kind dolls into a bag. I was so upset that my grandmother's buttons fell to the earth, dispersing all around.

Those show experiences can be so hard, as we put so much work, care , and expectation into the shows.

Glad you made up the show space money!

Charisse said...

That wind art tag is too cute! I love it! I am happy you did well! Congratulations!

Gloria said...

What a great post Adri. Despite what happened, you still went on and had some fun. Great photos as well. Have a great day.

Heather said...

oh goodness gracious! I am always so terrified of this happening...I've only done one outdoor show. I prefer climate control ;) so happy to hear you made some money though, and enough for the new tent!~

BumbleVee said...

awww .... what a bummer Adri..... definitely a good quality tent is a must if you plan to do this again. Get some ideas of which brands from the nearest neighbours that still had tents standing after wind and rain!

We used to put them up over our motorcycles and stuff when Greg was racing... if they were not good quality... they would go down in rain and wind...and some did...luckily, not ours... the man absolutely buys commercial quality with everything. Some things it is not good... as in our hedge trimmers... they are so heavy I can't even lift them for more than a few minutes at a I don't trim. What am I saying? ... maybe that's a good thing..hahahha.....

hope next time is much better for you..

hugs, V.