Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Colorfly Studio

I mentioned my friend Jennifer Dedonato before and now I need to show you how great she is.
She works with paper, yes those lines, little circles and details are made out of paper, she is so good!!
I won a giveaway she had on her BLOG some time ago and I was pleasantly surprised when the address on the envelope was close to where I live. I met her personally when she started to sell her art at the same Art's market I was selling mine.
Here is some of her work

This is her Etsy shop


Gloria said...

Hi Adri. I think your friend Jennifer has a great Etsy shop. How fun that you both sell your art at the same place. It's also very nice of you to promote her wonderful work as you are. Have a great Friday and the weekend too. Take care.

Maria Palito said...

Hello! Nice recomendation... also I will visit your etsy store!

You have a really nice blog! Congratulations, I used to visit you, now I came back!

have a nice day
Maria Palito