Saturday, September 15, 2012

When the paintings come to life.

I while ago I took some classes and, even though I haven't sculpt in a while, I grab some fabric, paper clay and paint and voila! this little things came out. 
I made the bodies out of fabric and the face is clay. I painted them with acrylics.
This is my little mouse, I call him "Ratoncito" 

Hey, I'm a kitty cat and I meow, meow, meow 

This is a little dalmatian, I use to have a real one years and years ago. Dan was his name and I loved him with all my heart.
 I, sometimes, get obsessed with a medium and I can't stop using it. This time is clay.
I'm going to be doing tons of arts and crafts shows and fairs. I hope if you are near Houston Texas, can come and see me. That's gonna be so cool.
Now I leave you with a question, what is your medium obsession?




Peaceful Sun - Karina said...

Hello Adriana- my medium obsession right now is Acrylic with all sorts of Textures! I love to Feel the textures and view the dimensions. Although today I started pen and ink drawing. This was my first medium that I explored with and so I became inspired by nostalgia!

I invite you to follow me as well!

Kathy Van Osdale said...

I am really interested in getting into clay...I was going to start with paperclay...what do you use? Did you take classes to learn how to sculpt? I was just wondering :)

Adriana Whitney said...

Thank you for posting Karina and very cool blog you have. I'll leave you my comments on your blog ;)

Adriana Whitney said...

Kathy, I use paper clay. I took a sculpting class when I was very young. Nothing you can't learn from a book or internet really. I also took a class online but it was mostly of how to make cloth and clay dolls by Jane Desrosier. She didn't teach so much about sculpting but it was a nice learning experience.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Those are so stinking cute!