Saturday, March 16, 2013

A little break and painting with oils

I worked so hard during the holidays! first, the shows and fairs and then the commissions. I finished my last Christmas commission on February 15.

Little ornaments made with clay
I learned so much about fairs and festivals I think I can write a book. I think I over did it though. 
My husband helped me so much. Going with me (and the kids) setting up the booth, going to pick me up and taking care of 4 kids while I'm there. 
With all that painting, making doll, figurines, making prints, pendants, boxes, selling and talking, talking and talking I had to take a break.
On my break I started working with oils and I love them. This is my first piece. 
The canvas is not toned but I'm just starting so I forgot. 

I started with the drawing. In this case the drawing doesn't have much detail. It's like posterizing the image with your drawing, looking for shadows and lights.

 I worked wet on wet but I'm learning the old masters method of layering. 
I will not stop painting whimsical art, I'm just too in love with it but I always like to learn new techniques and play. 

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